Parable Documentation

Introduction to Parable#

Parable is a no-nonsense PHP micro-framework, meant to be fast, readable and written in a way where it's not bogging you down with unnecessary rules and limitations. Developed with the goal of building small web applications and REST APIs.

Design goals#

If it's useful for many people, put it in. Stick to the basics. Allow everything to be extended and built upon. The simplest solution is usually the right one. Bloat is bad. KISS. YAGNI. Abstractions can be good but usually aren't.

Save the complex over-engineering for the implementation.

Who made this?#

Parable is primarily built by Robin de Graaf, under the devvoh moniker.

Contributions have from time to time been made by others (i.e. @jerry1970, @dmvdbrugge and @faapz).

Can I help?#

Of course! Whether you've got a bug fix or a feature you want to implement, contributions are always welcome!

But before you start fixing something or building your feature, check first whether it fits the stated design goals.

If you're unsure, open an issue instead and ask! Everything is open for discussion.

This documentation#

This documentation is a work in progress!

You can find all the markdown files over on the Parable Documentation Github repository and you're cordially invited to suggest improvements. It's difficult to determine what needs explaining, and as such, when and if Parable users find themselves confused by something, letting me know or suggesting better explanations will help everyone.

Thanks in advance!

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