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Hello there!

devvoh is dedicated to webdevelopment, from designing your site to implementing an existing design. We're also experienced with more back-end related technology, so we also offer small-to-medium custom cms solutions.

So, what are our strengths?


Write reusable code, use only what's needed and make the end product hit every requirement asked for.


No clutter, reduce bloat, keep load times down and make responsible use of bandwidth for mobile devices.


Build interactive prototypes and iterate on them quickly with as much customer feedback as possible.

Want to have a chat?

Do you have an exciting project in need of some front-end love? Do you want to either upgrade or start a site to be more in line with how customers will be viewing your site nowadays?

We can help. Say hello and we'll get back to you!

You can also check our github for some of our active projects.